How to submit

Submit your finished manuscript as a
Microsoft WORD, or Apple PAGES document.

Remove multiple and/or ornate fonts, embedded graphics, multiple columns, page numbers, and absolutely no (ALL CAPS). Any of these elements will cause your manuscript to be rejected. 

NOTE: If for some reason you typed your manuscript with the CAPS LOCK button on, it will need to be retyped. It can not be undone if it was typed in this manner.

It is important that your manuscript be complete, thoroughly edited and proofed as a final draft before submitting it to us. PLEASE NOTE: If it becomes necessary to insert additional content or make critical edits to your manuscript during or after the interior formatting phase, your project will be subject to an additional insertion fee.


We highly recommend that your manuscript is edited before submitting it to us for design and formatting.

Why You Need an Editor

If you intend to be taken seriously and gain credibility as a self-published author, it’s very important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that. Not only does subject matter and literary content matter, sentence structure, thought flow, spelling, and grammar are all critical aspects when it comes to readability and marketability of your work.

We reserve the right to reject any subject matter that doesn’t meet our standards. That includes the promotion of hate, violence, racism and hardcore sexual content.