DIY Self-Publishing Consulting

DIY Self-Publishing Options: ZOOM or PHONE SESSIONS

Just need a little help? These options offer our “DIY-Consulting/Coaching Only” service. We know that some of you are DIY, do it yourself types who’d rather go through the self-publishing process on your own. Occasionally you may need a little guidance to avoid costly and time consuming mistakes at various stages throughout the self-publishing process. With our DIY Self-publishing Options, you truly do get the experience of being self-published, and self-empowered. BOOK A DYI-CONSULTING SESSION TODAY!

Book Session

ONE HOUR DIY Q & A Session $150.00 

Carefully prepare up to 10 self-publishing questions to be answered within a ONE HOUR SESSION.

Here’s an example of the type of questions commonly asked:
1. What is a PDF, and how do I create one?
2. What size should my book be?
3. How much will it cost to print my book on Amazon?
4. How do I add spaces between paragraphs in my Amazon book description.
5. My book files keep getting rejected when I upload them to my Amazon KDP account. What am I doing wrong.
6. How can I contact Amazon KDP?
7. The print version and eBook version of my book don’t show up on the same page. What should do?
8. How much should I price my book for?
9. Me ebook only shows 98 pages on Amazon when the print version is 120 pages. Why is that happening?
10. I’ve got a great idea for a book title, but no one seems to understand it. What can I do to make it work?

Option 2: Publishing Consulting Mentor –