Hello, I’m Maurice Johnson, Author, Self-publishing consultant and founder of Self Publish Me. I realize that self-publishing a book requires a great deal of motivation, personal courage and determination. With that in mind, our mission is to cultivate a community of published and informed authors by providing the resources, knowledge and expertise to turn their words into books. Our goal is to empower writers to become self-published authors, and know their words are important. For some, the experience of being published can be life-changing.

Here’s how you can help other aspiring writers: Copy the following URL and email or text it a friend or any aspiring writer you know. [ www.selfpublishme.com ]


We are a pre-publishing service, providing the resources, legwork, design work, etc. while taking you through the complete publishing process. We’re a proud, black-owned business here to serve EVERYBODY! Family-owned and operated, based in Oklahoma, City Oklahoma with a focus on professional and reliable service to independent authors. Our services include Book Cover Design, Interior Formatting, Proofreading, Typing, Publishing-consulting and more.
Self Publish Me, LLC Book Publishing Services is the product of an inspired population of new and independent writers just like you! We truly understand that little compares to the pride of being published. When it comes to self-publishing there are an array of options and important decisions to make before choosing the best path for you. We provide a range of services to bring your book idea from a first draft manuscript to a first-class work of stimulating and visually appealing literary art. Let us walk you through the self-publishing experience from start to print.


We are NOT a publisher or publishing house. Here’s why. There are “NO AUTHOR/PUBLISHER CONTRACTS” to sign. You keep 100% of your RIGHTS and ROYALTIES. 

We’re an official sponsor of OWFI, OKLAHOMA WRITER’S FEDERATION, INC.


SelfPublishMe, LLC “Thoughtfully Affordable Self-publishing for Independent Authors”