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Q: I have a finished manuscript and I’m ready to publish it. What’s my next step?

A: First, congratulations on your completed manuscript. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you have it professionally edited. If you’re confident with your manuscript as it is, contact us. We’ll discuss the details of your book and prepare a self-publishing package that’s unique to your needs.

Q: My manuscript has been professionally edited. Now what?

A: At this point, simply contact us and we’ll discuss the details of your book and prepare a self-publishing package that’s unique to your needs. NOTE: Be prepared to provide us with your word count and the number of photos or illustrations you’d like to include in your book if applicable.

Q: How long will it take to publish my book?

A: A completion time for your book will depend on how many book projects are in our current production schedule. However, any delays in receiving your manuscript and ALL related materials, i.e. photos, illustrations, author bio, back matter, etc. will have an impact how long it will take to complete your book. It is important that we receive ALL materials in a timely manner. Our goal is to have your book completed within 6 to 8 weeks. Depending on your book’s complexities, and/or unforeseen circumstances, some turnaround times can exceed 8 weeks.

Q: How does your rush service work?

A: Our Rush Service gives your project priority in our production queue, however we can not guarantee a specific completion date, but you’re a book project WILL be accelerated. Rush Service can be added to your self-publishing package for an additional fee. Terms and conditions apply 

Q: Do you keep part of my royalties?

A: NO, absolutely not! We DO NOT claim ANY rights to your work. WE ARE NOT A PUBLISHER. You keep 100% of your rights and royalties earned from your book.  You will receive payments for books sold directly from your book distributor, e.g. Amazon KDP, etc.

Q: Am I required to sign an Author/Publisher contract with your company.

A: NO, We are NOT a publisher, and require NO author/publisher contract. We only provide the necessary services to help turn your manuscript into a published book, currently through Amazon’s KDP, print on demand platform. We only require that you agree to the terms of our service before we begin designing your book cover and formatting the interior of your book.

Q: What is an ISBN number and why do I need one?

A: An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is the unique identifier for your book. The ISBN  number is like your book’s own social security number, unique only to your book title. It’s used to help locate your book among the millions that are already out there.

Q. How do I get an ISBN number?

A: An ISBN number will be assigned to your book.

Q: Do I need to write a book description, or is that a service that you offer?

A: For authors who need help with backmatter e.g. book descriptions and cover blurbs, we do offer this service. See details and pricing on our Add-ons and Extras page.

Q: Do you promote my book?

A: We don’t offer promotional services, however we do offer author promotional package that includes a book trailer/Author introduction video, a custom Facebook Author Page header and a print-ready book promotional poster design for book signings, etc.

Q: When will work begin on my book project?

A: Once your deposit payment has been submitted and clears in our account, your book project will be added to our production schedule and assigned to design staff, then your book project begins.

Q: Where can I buy your, MY BOOK’S ON AMAZON and I’M WRITING A BOOK t-shirts?
A: Here are the direct links: “MY BOOK’S ON AMAZON”   “I’M WRITING A BOOK”