It all starts with a spark


It all starts with a spark

The act of doing something, whether it’s writing a book or starting a business is not simply about the act itself. Most importantly it’s the inspiration and motivation behind it. In other words, what set it all into action. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting excerpts from my book titled: THE POWER OF TRYING, which is currently available on Amazon. I’ll be discussing how to move forward in life to achieve and awaken your desire to dream, create and ultimately find your personal success. 

Picture if you will. The very idea of man-made fire was born from a spark, when two flint stones were struck together among a tuft of dry twigs. Those first few attempts weren’t easy, and quite physically demanding at that, but what resulted would change the world forever.

So, what does that have to do with you, motivation and success? It’s simple, your journey starts right here, with the energy and effort you put into creating your initial spark. It all depends on the power within you. 

Life is a demonstration in inspiration, motivation and determination. Sometimes we have to fight to keep these in place, because without them any measure of success, gratification or sense of achievement may never be realized. Starting at this very moment, you must ignite your flame and keep it lit. Your flame, your inner flame in this instance, is the fire that burns deep within you. Some refer to it as drive, will, determination, sticktoitiveness, persistence or motivation. Throughout this book I refer to them all, equally and interchangeably as we explore the power within you and how it relates to igniting your flame and finding success through motivation. 

First things first

It’s important to realize you’re responsible for your own first steps, and no one can make them for you. Having said that, I must acknowledge, the fact that you’re reading this is an undeniable testament to your determination to put yourself in charge and make your own choices, no matter what. 
Everything you need to move forward is already within you. No one has to qualify you, or grant you the authority to believe in yourself. That is a power that you, and you alone possess. All you have to do is know it, acknowledge it and live it. Congratulations! You are on your way, but whatever you do, keep telling yourself, “you’re a writer!”

Maurice Johnson shares insight on transforming one’s self from a dreamer to a doer, and the correlation between success and motivation throughout the process.  THE POWER OF TRYING speaks to those who desire a greater sense of self-actualization, inspiration and personal achievement.

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