Here’s why I wrote “THE POWER OF TRYING”


Here’s why I wrote “THE POWER OF TRYING”

Just like most other books I’ve written, I wrote THE POWER OF TRYING because I live some aspect of it every single day. True, the title pretty well defines me, and as you read it, you’ll get a better glimpse of who I am and what drives me. That being said, I’m often in the company of someone struggling with a goal, aspiration or idea that’s been deterred by fear, a lack of knowledge, resources, confidence, sheer motivation or a host of other things. THE POWER OF TRYING, Finding Your Success encompasses all of these. In the midst of adversity and self-doubt, the fire that burns within you is sometimes the only thing that will carry you through.

Although the bulk of my previous books center around aspects of music and performance as a business, at their core the message is firmly steeped in motivation, encouragement and advocacy. This book, devoid of music and related business connotations was inspired by the very same core principles and concepts surrounding motivation, encouragement and advocacy. Needless to say, the target audience is vastly general and quite broad, yet it was specifically written to speak directly to you. Year after year the idea has been persistently compelling and further validated as friends and acquaintances routinely offered up the suggestion, so here it is. I’ve done many things over the years and from the standpoint of motivation, I knew it was time to share my insights and experiences. So many times someone would say, “Maurice, you ought to be a motivational speaker, marketing consultant or teach a course.” It’s always flattering and encouraging to hear, but I guess in a way, I’ve been and done them all. Unofficially perhaps, but to those who needed it at the time, I played the role.

Conviction, passion and exuberance was the typical tone of my dialogue during each of these one-on-one mentoring moments. It was the accumulation of ambitious endeavors, past achievements and a stream of isolated impromptu sessions I’ve conducted over the years that convinced me to write this book. In the back of my mind I keep telling myself, there has to be something to this, a connection. Not only do mentoring experiences occur over and over again, but I enjoy them just as much as playing guitar, art or any other avid interest that grabs my attention. 

As an artist, musician, dreamer and chronic multitasker at heart, every step of the way, ambition has driven me to try many new things, even small roles in film and television commercials. Can you imagine that? I would never be complacent with a status quo, mediocre lifestyle. Although my ambitions can outpace me at times, no sooner completing one project before moving to the next, on my list of unexplored challenges. It took me a while to get here—to where I am now. I view it as a clean slate of sorts. One that has nothing to do with Maurice Johnson the jazz guitarist, the artist, the writer or entrepreneur, and yet it has everything to do with all of them and more. This is for the everyday person, entrepreneur, artist, writer, musician, business minded, life-living and self-discovering dreamer in you.

THE POWER OF TRYING is my response to close friends and associates who eagerly asked me questions, listened and kept on asking over the years. THE POWER OF TRYING is for those whose reawakened zeal, new-found courage and brilliant ideas whispered to you in your dreams and screamed to you out loud in your waking hours.

What’s it all about?

THE POWER OF TRYING is about energizing your efforts and becoming empowered through self-belief and motivation. It’s about moving forward, staving off fear, self-doubt, procrastination, uncertainty and confusion. 

It’s about how to find inspiration, motivation and self-worth and applying it to your day to day thinking, including personal or business endeavors, whatever they may be. THE POWER OF TRYING is about moving the ball in your court and placing the world in your favor.

For a slightly different take on this concept, you could also view it as a motivational piece that focuses on breaking through the fear of success and failure while pursuing life goals, no matter what they are. I can certainly tell you this isn’t a book about starting a business or how to bring a product to market. It’s about moving you into action and placing yourself in the pathway of opportunity, creating your own opportunities, gaining your inner strength and confidence as you build a unique timeline of new experiences and personal success milestones.

Maurice Johnson shares insight on transforming one’s self from a dreamer to a doer, and the correlation between success and motivation throughout the process.  THE POWER OF TRYING speaks to those who desire a greater sense of self-actualization, inspiration and personal achievement.

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