Congratulations to SelfPublishMe Author, Nachole Johnson, FNP-BC


Congratulations to SelfPublishMe Author, Nachole Johnson, FNP-BC

Congratulations to SelfPublishMe Author, Nachole Johnson, FNP-BC, for her new book titled, The Highly Paid Nurse: GHOSTWRITER | Click Here to Order it at Amazon!

You love to write and want to write for a living. 

There’s just one problem:
You’re a nurse.
And if you’re like most, you make damn good money to put up with bull$hit day in and day out.
Although you love to write, you know the story of the poor writer. You can’t earn a true living from writing that can replace your nursing salary, can you?
One of the best-kept secrets in the writing world that pays extremely well is ghostwriting.
Because of the lack of attribution, writers who ghostwrite can make a lot of money.
If you’re willing to give up your byline and learn the basics of ghostwriting, it can provide you with recurring work all while you make good money while mastering the skill. There are endless opportunities as long as you know where to look and how to market yourself.
In this book, I’ll share secrets so you too can break into this profitable writing niche. Including: 

• How to use your background as a nurse to your advantage

• Sources for ghostwriting work

• How to pitch to get your first ghostwriting job

• How to build writing efficiency to make $200+ per hour

• Strategies to market yourself as a ghostwriter

Nothing about starting a new career is easy, but if you’re prepared to put in the work – ghostwriting can easily pull in a 6-figure income. 


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