Add-ons & Extras

You published your book and it’s out on Amazon and other distribution outlets. Now what?


Here are some important options to help give your book and you as an author a branded, professional edge.

Marketing Services

Thousands of self-published books are published every year by new and ambitious authors, just like you. To help stack the favor in your odds, you need to establish a plan to promote your book and compete in a growing market within your genre, topic, etc. Regardless, your market strategy is critical to how well your book sells overall. Your book’s success depends on a number of factors, including genre, target audience, visibility, visual appeal, etc.

After you’ve invested time, energy and money in producing your potential bestseller, it wouldn’t be fair to you or your book just to publish it and hope for the best with no marketing effort or strategy in place.

Branded Author Social Media Packages

Facebook Fan Page Setup

Your Facebook fan page will help you establish credibility with readers and fans. With a branded and professional, your Facebook page will offer even greater visibility, gaining you the ability reach out to a targeted audience as you announce book signings, provide direct links to your book’s sales page as you tailor and groom an exclusive fan base.

Twitter Profile

Gain traction and momentum with a strong social media presence. Twitter is another relevant place to be on the social media spectrum. We’ll help you build a branded author with a professional Twiller profile header and profile that matches your author presence and book with visual appeal a uniform consistency.

What You Get:

Twitter profile for your book with a stylized header
Two rounds of design revisions

Audio CD Cover Design


  • 100% Rights
  • ISBN, and Barcode
  • Electronic Proof
  • Manuscript Formatting Cleanup and Preparation
  • Print Interior Layout
  • Ebook Formatting