10 good reasons why you should self-publish a book.

10 good reasons why you should self-publish


  1. Self-publishing is more widely excepted today
    If you’ve ever submitted your manuscript to traditional publishers before, you’ve likely been ignored, discouraged or flat turned down.
  1. Self publishing platforms are more prominent and popular 
  2. You can earn more money per book
    Not only can you make more money, you can also get paid faster. Your ability to sell books right on the spot using various payment apps, like cash app, or cash in general can pay you money immediately.
  1. You can publish your book much faster than a traditional publisher  
  2. You control all of your rights and royalties 
  3. You become a self-empowered author 
  4. You could be recognized as your own publisher
  5. You control the entire process 
  6. You control how you market your book
  7. Publish on your own terms
    As a self published author you can. you are your own boss. Set your own set of standards, goals, and