Monthly Archive February 2021


Congratulations to SelfPublishMe author, Christene McGee Ingram

Congratulations to SelfPublishMe author, Christene McGee Ingram for her new book titled, “To God Be The Glory—Using Scripture to Overcome Life’s Struggles” Now available on Amazon.

I believe that Jesus set an example for us on how to handle adverse situations. When approached in the wilderness by Satan, each time when responding, Jesus began his sentence with “It is written” and quoted Scripture.

Modeling myself after Him, I began quoting Scripture when I found myself in adverse situations. I applied Scripture when faced with health concerns for myself, for my son, when reminded of my past, and many other situations.

No matter what your situation looks like, we have to learn to say what God says about us. After all, we do have the power of life or death in our tongue (Proverbs 18:21). By our words we can triumph over the enemy. Get in God’s Word! The Word of God is our weapon!

My prayer is that sharing my testimony will awaken the Spirit within you, increasing your desire to dig deeper into Scripture and develop a closer relationship with God.

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