The Inspiring Story of Self Publish Me

From Jazz Musician to Self-Publishing Entrepreneur: The Inspiring Story of Self Publish Me The COVID-19 pandemic has upended lives and careers all over the world. For Maurice Johnson, however, it proved to be a turning point that led to a whole new direction. Self Publish Me, a small, family-owned and operated self-publishing service owes its existence to the pandemic and the remarkable resilience and creativity of its founder.

Before the pandemic, Maurice Johnson was a popular jazz musician, entrepreneur and author, known for founding the After Five Band, Gigorama software creator, co-founder of D’leco Guitars, author of numerous self-help books, and a solo music career. But when COVID hit, the music industry came to a screeching halt, as many musicians found themselves struggling to make ends meet. Faced with the prospect of no gigs, and little opportunity to perform for live audiences, he began to consider his options.

It was around this time that Maurice had an idea. With the encouragement of friends and family, Self Publish Me was born. 

The idea was simple but effective—help aspiring writers and independent authors bring their books to life. Self Publish Me would offer a range of services, from editing and interior formatting to cover design and marketing. Because he experienced the struggles and challenges of self-publishing firsthand, Maurice knew exactly what aspiring writers would need to succeed.

Starting a business is always a challenge, and doing so during a pandemic made things even harder, but Maurice was determined to make it a success, working tirelessly to get things off the ground—and it paid off. 

Today, Self Publish Me remains upwardly mobile. They have helped an increasingly growing number of aspiring writers bring their books to life. Their reputation for quality, affordability, and personalized service has made them a go-to resource for self-publishing success.

For Maurice Johnson, the journey from jazz musician to self-publishing entrepreneur has been unique and rewarding, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. The challenges faced in the onset of a pandemic inspired him to follow his drive to create motivate and inspire others to pursue their goals of becoming published authors. In doing so, Self Publish Me is making a real difference in people’s lives.


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